This is a little step-by-step tutorial on how I styled the Christmas Decoration Banner ITH Project.

I decided that not every banner piece will have a bow with this banner.

1. For the banner pieces where you want to tie a bow, push the length of ribbon from the back to the front of the eyelet. Leave a tail of around 5″ to make it easier for tying the bows.

2. Thread the ribbon through the other eyelet from back to front, again leaving a tail of around 5″. You may need more or less than 5″ tails of ribbon – it all depends on how nimble your fingers are.

3. You’ll want to have consistent spacing between the banner piece and its neighboring piece before you tie your bow. I prefer to have my banner pieces close to one another.

4. When you are happy with your spacing, tie your bow.

Spend a moment teasing the bow into the right size and shape by gently pulling and re-pulling the tails and loops until you are happy with the result.

5. Repeat the steps for the other eyelets along your banner….

Finally, it’s time to trim your tails.

I recommend you do the trimming after all of your banner pieces and bows are made.

The finished result… My Christmas Decoration Banner ITH Project is ready to hang!

This method is just one of the many ways you can style your own beautiful banners. I’d love to know your styling methods too!

1 thought on Styling the Christmas Decoration Banner ITH Project.

  • Patricia CombsNovember 8, 2020 at 2:39 pm

    I absolutely love your work, your designs stitch out flawless. Have you ever given any thought to making door hangers? Was just a thought !


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