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How do I register for an account?

Registering is fast and easy.

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I paid for my order but I can't see my download link(s)?

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Click on the tab which reads “Downloads”.

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e-Check paid for my order but I can't see my download link(s)?

Paypal may have processed your payment as an e-Check. An e-Check is a Bank Transfer and can often occur if the credit/debit card linked to your Paypal account has expired or if there are not enough funds in your Paypal account to cover the purchase price.

It can take up to 5 days for an e-Check to clear. As an e-Check is not a form of immediate payment this explains why your downloads link(s) were not triggered.

As a seller, Paypal advises us not to “ship” until an e-check has cleared because it is possible that an e-check will be declined before being deposited into our PayPal account.

Please visit your account at www.paypal.com to check on the payment status of your order. If waiting up to 5 days will be inconvenient to you, please Contact us as we can cancel your order and after you update your Paypal account, you will be able to re-order and will then receive your download link(s) immediately.

I use a different email address so what do I do?

If your email address has changed, you can log in to your account with the email address associated with your account and then change it.  Alternatively, please contact us and we can manually change it for you.

Click on Contact Us or email enquiries@bigdreamsembroidery.com

How do I pay?

PayPal. It is a secure, safe and easy way to pay and is free to use. Using Paypal means your payment can be made by credit card, bank account or your PayPal balance.

You don’t need to have a Paypal account to use Paypal. Simply click the “Check out with Paypal” button and you will be offered a choice of either logging into your Paypal account OR making a payment as a guest. It’s a fast and easy process and just as safe and secure.

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I haven’t got my email yet!

Firstly, don’t hesitate to log in to Your Account to view the order details and retrieve your downloads from the My Downloadable Files area. You can also update your email address from within your Account.

Look in your email’s spam folder – due to overzealous firewalls sometimes emails are re-directed to your spam folder. Also, check to see if the email has arrived at the email address registered with your Paypal account.

Regarding non-delivery of emails: sometimes it can be as simple as an unfortunate typo when you were inputting your email address.

If you are a HOTMAIL user, Hotmail is notorious for not delivering notifications from my site even though we are on Hotmail’s “white list”. Please add orders@bigdreamsembroidery.com to your SAFE SENDERS list and from that point you will receive all future notifications.

How are the designs delivered?

Designs are delivered by way of instant digital download. A short time after you have placed your order, you will receive an email containing links back to your account at Big Dreams Embroidery. You can also login to Your Account to view the order details and your download link(s) are listed in My Downloadable Files.

How do I use a coupon code?

To use your coupon, log in to your account and type the name of the coupon into the coupon code box in the checkout screen and your cart total will be adjusted accordingly.

It says the coupon code is not valid?

Please log in to your account. This will make the coupon code “Valid”. If you are new to Big Dreams Embroidery, registering takes only a moment.

Enter the coupon code in the checkout screen and the cart total will be adjusted accordingly.

Are there step-by-step applique instructions included?

Your design files will include a PDF file called “Instructions for…[the specific design you have purchased]”.

Each design has its own set of easy to follow step-by-step instructions which also include some hints and tips relevant to the design to help you achieve the very best possible stitch-out. Please take a minute or two to read through the step-by-step instructions. Keep the instructions open on your computer screen or print them off and have them by your side to refer to as you are using your embroidery machine.

Instructions for In The Hoop Projects include recommendations for stabilizers and hints and tips relevant to each project. If you can follow basic instructions, then you will have no difficulty in achieving the same looks we have in our examples.

We don’t include color charts because we want you to create your own looks drawing on inspiration from the fabrics you have in your fabric stash.

Which formats do you offer?

ART – Bernina
DST – Tajima
EXP – Bernina
JEF – Janome
HUS – Husqvarna
PES – Brother, Baby Lock, Bernina Deco
VIP – Pfaff, Husqvarna Viking
VP3 – Pfaff
XXX – Singer, Compucon
If we haven’t listed your format, please contact us – we are sure to be able to accommodate you.

Unsure of your embroidery machine’s format? Please consult your embroidery machine’s instruction manual or contact your dealer for their advice.


All prices are in US dollars (USD). If you are located outside of the US, PayPal performs your currency conversion automatically at the time of payment in accordance with their current exchange rates.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of electronic data, I hope you can understand why refunds cannot be given. Before you make your purchase, please read the design’s description carefully – particularly the design’s sizes.

How do I transfer the designs to my machine/use my software/unzip files.

Transferring and Software:
There are many different brands of embroidery machines and editing software so I hope you can understand why I cannot provide technical assistance. If you are unsure of how to do specific things with your embroidery machine or your editing software, please read the relevant instruction manual or consult your dealer. Failing this, Google search the problem and you’ll find there is a wealth of information available to you.

Your files arrive to you in a ZIP file. You will need to un-Zip and extract your files before use. Most computers already have the necessary software to un-Zip files.

Simple un-Zipping instructions for Windows users:
1. Left click (once) on the ZIP file to highlight it.
2. Right click (once) to bring up a menu window.
3. Select “Extract Files”
4. Another menu window appears – Save your extracted files to the folder where you store your embroidery files.

If these instructions were not helpful to you, please Google search “unzipping machine embroidery files”. You will find there are many step-by-step instructions (including screen shots) available to you.

Can I embroider your designs onto items to sell?

We are happy for you to embroider our designs onto your personal items and onto physical items you will be selling but we ask that you do not share, copy or sell the design files. Your purchase of our designs binds you to this in an agreement under our “Terms & Conditions” which accompanies all of our designs.

Custom digitizing services/alterations/resizing?

We do not offer custom digitizing, alterations or re-sizing of designs.

Is it possible to resize designs?

We make every effort to provide you with a range of sizes to suit the most common domestic hoops.
Generally, we digitize each design the smallest it can possibly be without ruining the integrity of the design.

If you edit or resize the designs, you do so at your own risk as stitch quality and the integrity of the design will be affected. If you resize down, the satin stitch width becomes narrower and the stitching will become denser; if you resize up, the satin stitch width becomes wider and also sparser. We recommend that you test stitch any adjustments you have made prior to embroidering onto your final projects.

Can I use the images of your designs to advertise my items?

You will need permission to use any of our images. In the event that you are granted permission, the images must be captioned with “image used with permission from Big Dreams Embroidery”.

Who is Big Dreams Embroidery?

My name is Kate and I have been successfully selling my unique and adorable Machine Embroidery Applique Designs and fun In The Hoop Projects on Etsy.com since April 2010. Over 5000 buyers have left me public feedback accompanied by glowing reviews. I have gained a strong reputation for providing top quality designs with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. This is confirmed by the fact that my customers become repeat customers.

You are invited to visit my shop on Etsy to verify this for yourself – www.bigdreamsembroidery.etsy.com You are also very welcome to join my Big Dreams Embroidery Facebook fanpage and say hi too.

If you would like to learn more about me and Big Dreams Embroidery, please visit my About Us page.

How can I contact you?

Click on the Contact Us link here, or send an email to enquiries@bigdreamsembroidery.com