When stitching the Snow Globe Banner ITH Project, you have the option of adding a clear vinyl layer before the final Satin Stitch edge finish and the option of inserting “flitter” inside the layer before the eyelets are stitched.

Neither the clear vinyl nor the “flitter” are necessary but depending on the look you want, the additional steps can make your banner pieces look very elegant.

The easy to follow step by step instructions included with the files fully explain how the design comes together and this pictorial is to help clarify the steps for preparing the vinyl for adding the “flitter”.

If you are NOT adding “flitter”, simply ignore the step for stitching the guideline and treat the vinyl like a piece of fabric as there is no need to use the guideline.

As you can see in the below image, there is a red circle which has been stitched onto the fabric.  This step Color 6 is the guideline (or template) for lining up the insertion hole (in the piece of clear vinyl).  The circle is exactly where the eyelet will be stitched in the last step and serves as a positioning aid.

The red circle is the guideline for lining up the clear vinyl.

After applying the backing fabric, Color 7 asks you to cut a piece of the vinyl slightly larger than the globe (or dome) and place the vinyl onto the hoop directly on top of the globe and mark the position of the guideline hole (previously stitched in Color 6).

Remove the piece of vinyl and then use a hole punch (or sharp pointed pair of scissors) to cut a hole where you made the mark.  The hole should be no bigger than the guideline hole –  ¼” diameter.

Use a hole punch to create the opening

Before Color 8, position the clear piece of vinyl with the hole directly over the guideline on the fabric (the red circle stitched previously).

Line up the hole in the vinyl with the guideline on the fabric

Color 8 is the vinyl tackdown stitch for the globe.

Remove the hoop from your embroidery machine but DO NOT unhoop the project. Trim around the vinyl being careful not to pull it away from the stitches.

Take a tiny funnel (or create an open-ended cone made out of paper and tape).
To insert the funnel tip into the hole, gently prize the vinyl forward.  Use the point of your scissors to pull the opening forward as I did in the picture below.

Prize the hole in the vinyl forward to insert the funnel tip

Fill with “flitter” to the desired level.  For best results, don’t go above the lowest level of the snow area as you still want to see the satin stitching. Shake the “flitter” down to the snow area before inserting the hoop back into your machine.

Color 11 is the stitching of the eyelets. As the eyelets are being stitched the “flitter” will want to jump around inside of the clear vinyl.  To stop this from occurring, gently place your finger flat across the snow globe to keep the “flitter” from moving towards the needle.

Finish your banner as per the remaining instructions and don’t forget to show us your completed Snow Globe Banner on Facebook or Instagram using #BigDreamsEmbroidery.

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