The Pinwheel Banner ITH Project by Big Dreams Embroidery is a wonderful way to use up those little fabric scraps that you LOVE too much to throw away. I have this problem too!

Once you have stitched your Pinwheel Banner piece, it’s time to assemble them.

Slide each one onto a 2 yard length of ribbon and then you can start to assemble the individual pinwheels.

Here are some tips on how I assembled my Pinwheel Banner.

Slide the unassembled pinwheel banner piece onto the length of banner ribbon before you assemble the pinwheel.


Take a piece of ribbon approximately 12″ in length and tie a double knot at the halfway mark.


Thread the ribbon tails through the eyelets, finally exiting to the back of the pinwheel.

You can also thread ribbon through a pretty button with a shank.


Or you can use a simple plastic button like this one…

You can find Pinwheel Bunting ITH Project HERE.

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